Skills Development and Training

Edspik’s Skills Development and Training division was established to meet the ongoing needs of the African workforce in the current dynamic business environment. Registered in South Africa with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), the institution offers a wide range of professional short courses that are designed to continuously improve productivity in various Governments, Parastatals, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Private Sector and other various organisations across the African continent.

In-House Training

We offer in-house training for our delegates at any venue of their choice.

With us, you can make huge savings on your organisation’s training budget and also enjoy tailor-made courses specifically for your organisation as well as discussing confidential issues that cannot be discussed in public courses. Prior to conducting the in-house training, we will analyze the needs of your organization. In addition to considering the materials your employees handle, we will determine if there are many particular topics or problems you would like to have addressed during the in-house training. These tailored courses are designed exclusively for your organization, with specific reference materials provided to the attendee to relate to as a reference and information resource.

Edspik Systems brings the training solutions you need to your organisation, by providing a more personal approach to meeting your training needs. Our programmes are delivered by experts specifically for your staff at your chosen location.Below are some in-house programmes for your perusal:

Information Management Programmes Project management programmes Financial Management Programmes
Tourism Management Programmes Marketing Management Programmes Logistics & Procurement Programmes
Engineering Programmes Media, Communications and Journalism programmes Democracy and Governance Programmes
Human Resource Management Programmes Management & Administration Programmes Economics Programmes
Rural & Agricultural Programmes Energy, Environment & Mining Programmes Administration Programmes